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typeKeywords: ["Data","Service","Image Service","ArcGIS Server"]
description: This dynamic image service provides access to 1-Foot, 4-Band orthoimagery for the KYAPED 2013 footprint. The imagery was acquired through the Kentucky Aerial Photography and Elevation Data (KYAPED) Program in Spring of 2013. Today’s aerial, digital mapping cameras routinely capture electromagnetic radiation in four bands of the spectrum: blue, green, red and near infrared. When displaying the image as “true” or “natural” color, the software matches the red, green and blue bands to these channels in the computer display. The same image can be displayed as “false color infrared” by changing the band combination so that the near infrared, red and green bands are output to the red, green and blue channels. Thus, in a false color infrared image, one can distinguish vegetated surfaces with ease – as they show in varying hues and intensities of red. By contrast, impervious surfaces and bare soil tend to show in different shades of blue or gray, while deep, sediment and vegetation-free water shows dark.
title: Ky_KYAPED_2013_1FT_IR
type: Image Service
tags: []
culture: en-US
name: Ky_KYAPED_2013_1FT_IR
spatialReference: NAD_1983_StatePlane_Kentucky_FIPS_1600_Feet